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About Us

History Behind the Water Test Kit Shop

We started the Water Testing Blog nearly 10 years ago with one goal in mind:  To make basic (yet important!) information regarding drinking water quality testing available to the average person.

Since that time the topics covered have expanded to include tap water testing,well water testing, surface water testing, ground water testing, and even very specific topics such as the testing of drinking water in areas near hydraulic fracturing (fracking) activity and the testing of swimming pool water.

Over the years we started seeing a bothersome disconnect between the general availability of certain testing supplies and the needs of average homeowners... so we made the decision to start a small online store that carries products we believe the general public, and some folks in industry, should have the ability to acquire without having to scour the Internet for hours on end OR buy a lifetime supply as a minimum order requirement.

Hence we now have the Water Test Kit Shop... but if you have read all this stuff, then you already found your way here and you already know that.  ;)

We carry dependable water tests from well-known trusted brands such as SenSafe, WaterSafe, WaterWorks, Arsenic Quick, and Pool Check so you know you can rely on the accuracy of your tests.

Thank you for choosing the Water Test Kit Shop as your source for water quality testing supplies and we look forward to doing business with you!


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