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We make testing the water at your home, school, work or wherever a simple and easy process!

Water Test Kit Shop Carries trusted home water test kit brands like SenSafe™, WaterSafe™, WaterWorks™, Watercheck™, Pool Check™, Arsenic Quick™ and Pentair™ for important water quality parameters like Metals (i.e. Iron, Copper, Lead, Chromium, etc.), Bacteria, Chlorine, Nitrates/Nitrites, pH, Total Hardness and many more. 

Learn the TRUTH about what's REALLY in your water!

With so much in the news about water quality issues, aren't you curious to know if YOUR water contains dangerous levels of potentially harmful contaminants?

You can test your own water using fast, easy and safe home water test kits or use the services of National Testing Laboratories, an accredited water testing company with years of experience testing all kinds of water sources.

The obvious choice is yours:  Test Your Water!

We make water testing EASY!

Basic drinking water test kits take just a few minutes and comprehensive mail-in water testing packages from National Testing Laboratories return water test results in under 10 business days.

With water testing this easy and convenient, shouldn't you know what's in your water?


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